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Jack Clay asked 2 years ago

Has anyone used Immortal’s oil for hair growth? I am consdering buying but wanted to see if anyone on this site knows about it, as you guys know your shit.

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Terry Chan answered 2 years ago

ive used it and can say it works great for stopping further loss of hair falling and even better, can regrow lost hair. I personally was told to use it daily and do a scalp massage every day along with it. But i didn’t have time, so I just did it about 3 times a week, and maybe a 10 minute massage, and leaving it in for about 1 hour, before washing off with a fragrance free paraben free shampoo (fragrances destory hair follicles, even essential oils ones). After just 3 weeks, i have people telling me what I did with my hair. I actually forgot I was even doing anything so my instant reply was nothing, but I realized I had been massaging this ordinary looking oil, which is actually a life saver for me.
i would reccomend it.

Gary answered 2 years ago

Great oil, helps hair growth and skin if applied on it regularly for at least 2-3 weeks. I use it daily =)

Lover Boy answered 2 years ago

Immortals oil is actually the best oil i have ever used for my hair. I thought it was an ordinary oil, but still bought it due to my addiction to buying things online. But somehow this one I kept my use of it consistent compared to other products ive tried for hair growth. And this actually helped a lot. After 2 weeks, even my skin was glowing on my face, even though I had only been applying on my scalp and massaging it for 20 minutes a day. I researched if it is even possible for skin to be affected on areas where the oil is not even applied, and according to some research, the oil can benefit the whole area even if applied to just a few spots on the scalp. Amazed and highly reccomended.

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