Any reccomendation on hair thickening products that actually work?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: BeautyAny reccomendation on hair thickening products that actually work?
David asked 9 months ago

Hi guys, just asking for what are the best hair thickening products you have ever used? Just ones you have used or maybe a list if you have one – and please explain why and how long it took to work, as I need max details as possible.

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CoolGuySmith answered 9 months ago

From my experience it is a regime that is what works, and you can then add products that help thicken hair growth as a side thing, or part of a regime. I have used the Taoist soap, as part of a regime, and it has helped me a lot. I have stopped my progression of hair loss for 3 years now, when even my doctor said I would likely be bald by this time, I have thicker hair than I ever did even in my teens, so I am more than happy with it, but I followed a bunch of things, from scalp massage and nutrients intake.
This article (click here to be taken to it) helped me understand this even better (i discovered it after I had already bought the taoist soap) – it covers scalp massage, thickening products and all side information.

Tim221 answered 9 months ago

All i can stay is stay away from Alpecin shampoo and similar caffeine shampoos as well as DHT blockers. I personally can vouche for scalp massage and vinegar rinses everyday, this helped me a lot.

Abdul answered 9 months ago

Many bangali style hair thickening products out there, that only work on artificially enhancing hair strand, but long term will speed up hair dropping. so be aware. I would suggest scalp massage, and building a regime and using oil for hair growth.

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